October 2017 BOD Minutes

Board meeting October, 2017 6:30 PM at Ray Worthley’s

Randy Toney — President
Ray Worthly — VP
Robert Sonnen — Treasurer
Doug Lambert —Toy Coordinator
Rob Tillotson — Communications
Joe Ripma — Secretary
Jim Sooley — Projects Coordinator

Treasurer’s Report – Robert Sonnen
Checking account = $726; Money Market = $9043; Net from the picnic = $400
Robert and Randy will review the insurance policy and costs
Robert handed out what he had as the current roster.

Programs: Ray Worthley

October meeting – Bob Villegas will show how to make a router table for a trim router and will give away trim routers and the router tables.
November meeting – Toy Distribution
December meeting – Christmas party – Randy will talk with Common Ground about entertainment. The Show & Tell will have a Christmas Theme.
January meeting – Robert Sonnen will lead the team to do the program

Projects: Jim Sooley

The Hillcrest Drawer project will be postponed until next year

Toys: Doug Lambert
Is it possible to delay Toy Distribution one week from Nov. 8 until Nov. 15? Nov. 8 seems really early and it would be easier on me in getting ready. – Randy will look into the logistics of this

Could we invite the toy makers to bring an example of their toys to Wednesdays meeting for display but not necessarily Show and Tell – unless they wanted to talk about them? – Rob will send out an eblast.

I would like to purchase small “candy boxes” to package and display small toys/items. – The Board authorized up to $100 to spend on this.

I would like to purchase classy looking gold foil labels to attach to our toys (vs branding iron labels). These would read something like:
Heirloom Toys Handcrafted by the  Hot Springs Village, AR Woodworkers Club

Denton Hushaw is looking into this.

Garvan Woodland Gardens Issue

Display cases have been built by Lee Smith. They are now in my garage for final sanding. Wally Duchow has agreed to do any detail sanding and spray them with lacquer at his shop.

Items I need help with!

  1. Self-running computer display on top of display cases showing activities of VWW. How do we do this? Who can and is willing to do this?
  2. Design and printing of a tri-fold color brochure on the activities and goals of the VWW Club. How and who to do this? – Will look for a marketing person.
  3. Volunteers to attend the display cases during the GWG Holiday Lights. Talk to people about our toys and activities. Selling not required –we’d be there for information purposes only.
  4. How to separate the toys for kids via agencies from those going to GWG? Should we pick up the GWG bound toys before the Toy Distribution? Other ideas?
  5. Making a Sign for the cabinet.
  6. I’d like to invite the ladies that make our quilts, mattresses, doll clothes, or helped make toys to the Toy Distribution meeting. OK? – Approved

Nominating Committee: Jim Sooley and Randy Toney
The committee is functioning and almost has a full slate of candidates

Communications: Rob Tillotson
The Voice has changed things so that a picture makes an article

Website: Joe Ripma
Will update the pictures on the carousel.
Rob Tillotson will provide the Photo Roster


New Business None

Next Meeting – Nov 6, at Joe Ripma’s