November 2017 BOD Minutes

Board meeting November, 2017 6:30 PM at Joe Ripma’s

Randy Toney — President
Ray Worthly — VP
Robert Sonnen — Treasurer
Doug Lambert —Toy Coordinator
Rob Tillotson — Communications
Joe Ripma — Secretary
Jim Sooley — Projects Coordinator

Treasurer’s Report – Randy Toney for Robert Sonnen
Checking – $625.32
Money Market – $7843.62
Robert checked on the insurance policy and costs. Anywhere we work as a club is covered. Budgeted $500 for insurance.

Programs: Ray Worthley

November meeting – Toy Distribution, Ray will bring cookies.
December meeting – Christmas party – Common Ground will provide entertainment. The Show & Tell will have a Christmas Theme.
January meeting – Robert Sonnen will lead the team to do the program
Freud/Diablo is still planing to do a program next year. Ray is coordinating this.

Projects: Jim Sooley

No current projects

Toys: Doug Lambert

  1. Toy Distribution
    The spreadsheet is done. Doug will arrive at 4:30. He asked that the toys be delivered at 5:30 so he has time to get organized.
    567 Toys/items; 202 agency kids excluding CCO. 418 to be distributed to the kids.

Doug purchased gold foil labels to attach to our toys.

2. Garvan Woodland Gardens Issue
Display cases are finished and look good.

Nominating Committee: Jim Sooley and Randy Toney
The committee is functioning and almost has a full slate of candidates. Still need a treasurer and a toy team coordinator candidates.

Communications: Rob Tillotson
Purchased the digital picture frame

Next Meeting – December 11, will be via email

Joe Ripma