HSV Woodworkers April BOD Minutes

Board meeting April 5, 2017 6:30 PM at Jim Sooley’s

Randy Toney — President
Ray Worthly — VP
Robert Sonnen — Treasurer
Doug Lambert —Toy Coordinator
Rob Tillotson — Communications
Joe Ripma — Secretary
Jim Sooley — Projects Coordinator


Treasurer’s Report – Robert Sonnen
Checking account = $548; Money Market = $6659
The board agreed to subscribe to the Chamber of Commerce again this year. We will try to get some benefit from membership but if unable we will not join next year.
An application for a $1500 grant was applied for to the HASV Community Foundation.

Projects: Kayak; Mountain Pine Head Start; Bookcases; other?
They House Library is almost complete for Mountain Pine E.A.S.T.
The Bookcases are kitted out but we need some more members to assemble and finish them.
Work on the Kayak is progressing steadily and going well.

Raffle – Ticket sales? Registration with state/POA? Locations? Rules?
Robert is authorized to submit the State required for raffles along with the associated nominal fee.
Once the rules for the raffle are finalized Joe Ripma will post them on the WebPage.

Programs – April: JDK Cabinets; May: Freud; June: Rob Tillotson is working this with his team.

Membership – Community Fair report – Two folks signed up for more information. The New Comers meeting have requested that each club only have 1 representative at the event.

Danny Clark / Golfcart – Robert will follow up on their.

Shirts and hats for WW club – We will make sure the web site has information on how to get shirts and hats with our logo.

New Business None

Next Meeting – At Rob’s.  May 3.